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Where do you set up the Picnic? 

If you don't have a location in mind we have you covered! We set up our beautiful picnics at Hollingsworth Park off of Woodruff Rd. There is ample parking for guests, easy accessibility to bathrooms and a gorgeous park with walking trails, shade, and a water feature!

Do you set up in Falls Park? 

Unfortunately we do not, as beautiful as our downtown park is, there is no easy route for us to get our equipment down to the park. It is very heavily trafficked on the weekends which does not allow our guests to have the privacy they desire for their party. 

How Much is a Picnic? 

Our most frequently asked question, how much is my picnic going to cost? Since all of our picnics are customizable we do not have one set cost. However our base price for a party of two people is $225. Each additional guest is $25 per person. Add-on's and upgrades will be determined when your personal quote is sent!

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